Newsletter Opt-in Laws and Guide – USA, UK, EUROPE

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“Better know the laws“ #20.11.2017–After all the years when the CAN-SPAM Act was introduced, I can imagine that there are still confusions around what you can do and what not. Or better said, what you have to do to avoid … Read More

Malaria’s deadly little Murder!

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“They are here“ #17.11.2017–Just got reminded that they do exist, and that they might kill you. I just felt the sensation of the sting of a mosquito bite, but what is the fuss about? Mosquito, especially those in Asia and … Read More

The Mosque calls – Are you Ready?

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“I’m living not so far away from a nearby new Muslim mosque (masjid) with their slender and tall four Minarets. I can hear every day the broadcast calls to the faithful prayers (adhan); to join the worship and the reminder … Read More

Finding paid Surveys Online – Does the search make Sense?

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“Can an Online Questionnaire Really Earn You Money?“ There are a lot of promises online of earning great riches with just a few clicks. Most of these are clearly a fake, and some are trying to cheat anyone who falls … Read More

Bridge of Sighs – A Way ever out of the medieval Prison in Venice?

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“It is not easy to say the world goodbye when the only and last view you ever will have again is through a small window from the “Ponte dei Sospiri” or Bridge of Sighs for a few minutes.“ It is … Read More

Want to look like a gorgeous Butterfly? – Use Make-Up the right Way!

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“I recently came across a web site with images of 10 casual girls, not to say some ugly ones, where a top make-up designer laid his hands on.” You can’t believe it but the frogs you saw developed as the … Read More

Avoiding Online Job Scams

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“Internet Jobs are Particularly Susceptible to Hacks and Scams“ Anyone who has looked for a job online has probably dealt with the feelings of trepidation I was faced with about revealing personal information on the internet in order to avoid … Read More

Megaspherulites – The Stone Balls Mystery I.

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“Megalithic Stone Balls are not for Toddlers“ PART I of II. Do you like balls? Not Footballs, Rugby balls or the cute Polo balls – but the astonishing stone balls (spheres and granite sculptures) who exists in any sizes you … Read More

Your Car – Your Personality

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“Cleaning a car is dangerous as it might show your personality and psychology via the car colors. But not cleaning it might move you instead close to the kind of animals who does not care about cleaning. The choice is … Read More

Humphrey Bogart – His Soul is Alive

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“Humphrey DeForest Bogart can be truly compared to one of the famous cinematic ‘Superstars’ in the past and was well-known especially to the now older audience with awarded movies like Casablanca, The African Queen, the Treasure of the Sierra Madre … Read More