The missing Link – Where is it in our Evolution?

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“The missing link (popular term) is often understood as the unknown connection between non-life and life. But more exactly, it is called now ‘transitional fossils’ and defines the gaps between existing fossiled specimens. Some of these gaps are very wide, … Read More

Betelgeuse a Type II Supernova Soon?

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“It is said by some scientists that the only 10 million years old Betelgeuse star (or Alpha Orionis) will transform from a red supergiant into a supernova to a neutron star with only 20 km in diameter (and after that … Read More

Are we children of a Supernova?

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“This thought came lately into my mind when I watched “our sun” rising beautifully above the horizon.” #24.11.2017–Our G2 type sun has developed from a nuclear and cosmic cloud approximately 4.6 billion years ago and producing energy at a constant … Read More

Armageddon – Can it be avoided?

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“It can’t!“ According the Bible, last chapter: the Book of Revelation, Armageddon is the last day for mankind when God and his soldiers fight their last battle against evil arch brother Lucifer and his demons after they were are allowed … Read More