Megaspherulites – The Stone Balls Mystery II.

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“Megalithic Stone Balls are from the Skies” PART II/II.  (Part I/II) Given the size of our world, the actual number of ancient stone balls are not that many. The reason might be that they were also used in the past … Read More

Megaspherulites – The Stone Balls Mystery I.

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“Megalithic Stone Balls are not for Toddlers“ PART I of II. Do you like balls? Not Footballs, Rugby balls or the cute Polo balls – but the astonishing stone balls (spheres and granite sculptures) who exists in any sizes you … Read More

Fired Analyst Punched His Employer – Hormons Now At Normal Level

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“Try to be a boxing champ as an Analyst for your Employee has significant disadvantages, especially as your target is the one who feeds you. Certainly, there must be better methods of communication” It must have been a great feeling … Read More

Your Car – Your Personality

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“Cleaning a car is dangerous as it might show your personality and psychology via the car colors. But not cleaning it might move you instead close to the kind of animals who does not care about cleaning. The choice is … Read More

Man Electrocuted while Stealing Hot Copper Wire – Dead

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“To be a successful theft requires planning and knowledge. Stealing ‘hot’ copper wires might just gives you the ticket to the underworld…or the next level of existence. In any case, the current existence may just be forceful terminated.“ These was … Read More

Humphrey Bogart – His Soul is Alive

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“Humphrey DeForest Bogart can be truly compared to one of the famous cinematic ‘Superstars’ in the past and was well-known especially to the now older audience with awarded movies like Casablanca, The African Queen, the Treasure of the Sierra Madre … Read More

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