Finding paid Surveys Online – Does the search make Sense?

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“Can an Online Questionnaire Really Earn You Money?“ There are a lot of promises online of earning great riches with just a few clicks. Most of these are clearly a fake, and some are trying to cheat anyone who falls … Read More

History of Aircrafts – Why can Airplanes fly?

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“When the brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier in 1783 managed to invent the hot air balloon, the dream of flights was the fist time realized.“ Technically, Leonardo da Vinici made in 1480 a drawing of a flying machine, named the … Read More

Does Paid Shopping Actually Work?

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“How a Mystery Shopper Can Earn Money at the Shopping Mall“ Paid shopping is one of the newest trends for making easy money, but like everything else, it’s not always the dream come true it seems to be. As a … Read More

Armageddon – Can it be avoided?

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“It can’t!“ According the Bible, last chapter: the Book of Revelation, Armageddon is the last day for mankind when God and his soldiers fight their last battle against evil arch brother Lucifer and his demons after they were are allowed … Read More

Completing Job Applications Online

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“The Tedium of Online Employment Searches“ Job applications online: a real pain in the neck. This means filling in form after form online for every possible job. I click send and my resume goes off into cyberspace, often with no … Read More

Bridge of Sighs – A Way ever out of the medieval Prison in Venice?

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“It is not easy to say the world goodbye when the only and last view you ever will have again is through a small window from the “Ponte dei Sospiri” or Bridge of Sighs for a few minutes.“ It is … Read More

Want to look like a gorgeous Butterfly? – Use Make-Up the right Way!

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“I recently came across a web site with images of 10 casual girls, not to say some ugly ones, where a top make-up designer laid his hands on.” You can’t believe it but the frogs you saw developed as the … Read More

Avoiding Online Job Scams

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“Internet Jobs are Particularly Susceptible to Hacks and Scams“ Anyone who has looked for a job online has probably dealt with the feelings of trepidation I was faced with about revealing personal information on the internet in order to avoid … Read More

The Sleeping Buddha Being Lost – A Plessing?

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“Everyone knows that famous sleeping Buddha in Wat Pho (The Temple of the Reclining Buddha) in Bangkok, Thailand and that is one of the places where most tourists and local nearby Thai residents go.” But only a few know that … Read More

I’m a Fire Monkey – The Chinese Horoscope is right!

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“The Chinese Horoscope is a guideline to explore the mind and the future of the one requesting assistance. But there are more possibilities, such like the renowned Tarot decks. All Gambling? You decide!“ I never knew it until now, but … Read More

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