Looking for Online Jobs?

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“Finding Good Employment Positions on the Internet“ #15.11.2017–Finding employment before seemed to be so difficult one year ago. Those days it was impossible for me to locate good positions using just a newspaper. Then I turned to the online job … Read More

The Mosque calls – Are you Ready?

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“I’m living not so far away from a nearby new Muslim mosque (masjid) with their slender and tall four Minarets. I can hear every day the broadcast calls to the faithful prayers (adhan); to join the worship and the reminder … Read More

How paid survey sites contribute to market research

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“Why do companies pay online survey participants?“ #13.11.2017–For a lot of people, taking online paid surveys to earn a little bit of money is a great source of added income. Yet it often seems impossible – getting paid to answer … Read More

God does not accept Competition ever!

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“We all know how the story went. God made sure that we did not forgot that important part. After a (repeatedly) dispute with Angel Lucifer (“Light-Bringer”, a name actually used for the planet Venus”), he stripped him of his ranks … Read More

How to find the best paid surveys quickly

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“How to Compare Different Paid Survey Offers“ #11.11.2017–Finding the best paid surveys online isn’t easy. With so many different sites devoted to online paid surveys, it’s hard to know which sites are honest and are best paid surveys and which … Read More

The Internet Marketing Labyrinth Fix!

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“Do you ever tried to find information on the net? Very likely , and if so, you know that you either do not find what you are looking for or get an overload on information which makes it hard to … Read More

Ancient Prisons – Comfortable?

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“Prisons exist since the mankind could close entries. Just recently they found an ancient prison in Tiberias (Israel) during excavation of a Basilica. Those prisons were not comfortable with less than 5 sqm to use each“. #09.11.2017–The cell walls were … Read More

Finding Real Online Jobs Today!

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“An Alternative Job Search Technique that Protects Your Sanity“ #09.11.2017–Finding real jobs online was harder and more stressful for me than actually working. Sometimes, the most tedious miserable job on earth seems like heaven compared to searching for real jobs … Read More

Laughing does not Kill! – Are you Sure?

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“I recently read an article which explained that laughing does not kill peoples with good health; where laughing is coming from and that laughing is actually good for the body to release stress.“ #08.11.2017–Well, I do not want to digress. … Read More

Body Language does not Lie – Be Carefully!

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“Everyone has its own “body language” and some experts are able to read them. Some do it more intuitively, some with help of accumulated knowledge and research“. The human “body language”, or “non-verbal communications”, are signals send out by everyone … Read More

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