The missing Link – Where is it in our Evolution?

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The missing link (popular term) is often understood as the unknown connection between non-life and life. But more exactly, it is called now ‘transitional fossils’ and defines the gaps between existing fossiled specimens. Some of these gaps are very wide, especially as older they are being projected.”

We do know many missing links in our evolutionary charts and perhaps the most important one is when non-life became to life. Nobody knows exactly how, when and where this jump has been originated and done on our Earth!”

Per definition, life is considered and accepted when the smallest possible biological unit reproduces. In our case, that would be the cell, who has everything to fit the requirements. The big question is only where the first cell is coming from. There is not any evidence to that evolutionary development. Only theories.

The missing link is termed by Sir Charles Lyell (born 1797, famous for popularising the doctrine of uniformitarianism which itself was coined by William Whewell).

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Consider an analogy to a ready build car who has everything it needs to drive. We know how a car has been developed and assembled, but if you equal a car with a cell, that would mean that at one day there was nothing and the next day you had a full working car. Of course a car does not reproduce from itself, but that was not the point in discussion. It was the complexity of a living cell.

That a cell suddenly appear is of course impossible. The cell, as easy it is constructed, is full functioning. And it reproduces since almost the beginning of times on our planet. Or not?

Life itself, or better said higher developed life seems to have started in Africa. But that does not answer the question how it was possible to jump from nothing to life.

It is like a stone or some mud who suddenly takes a certain biological micro-form and reproduces. And reproduces again to a more complex structure but with always a cell in its center and more around it as time has passed by and as a form of programming has taking over.

Humans are incredible complex. But for our current discussion the question remains: Who, where, when and what made the first reproducing cell, a unit who is able to divide itself into two identical units of the same size and functionality.

Thanks to advance technology, we know exactly how a cell works and reproduces. Yet, perhaps thankfully, we are not yet in the position to reproduce life from nothing although several attempts have been made. Whatever we did, it did not sustained or better expressed, it did not worked.

The cell is not the smallest part in the biological library, but it is the smallest fully working reproducing biological unit.

Some do believe life actually did not evolved on Earth and was perhaps brought to us by exteristical dust or particles. Other believe life in our solar system has evolved over time on Earth and nowhere else.

Of course, if life came from outside Earth, it would only move the question how live could have evolved to an another place and time.

Nowadays, in science, the term missing link is avoided as it refers to fossil records not yet being connected (but may eventually will). But that could be only at most 1% of all life that has ever existed! Not every life form can be fossilized or found. But the big question remains where life is coming from; no matter having increased amounts of fossiled specimens of a certain species or not.

And there is no complete answer in sight to that important question but the gaps get fewer over time!

Luckily, that evolutionary jump has happened. I’m aware of my miserable life but would not like to miss it at any time. Better a bad life then none. I always thing that our life is a very, very precious gift.


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