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Daily Serious Fun in Politics

If you think about it deeply, you can feel that with all your heart, that politics is a very serious business. After all, you may have selected the peoples to do what you want or need.

But if you care to read the newspapers – sometimes between the lines – you find out that many of the politicians actually doing exactly the opposite of what they have promised. Sometimes it is fun when they start a fight in the parliament for their rights (not yours) but unfortunately, you do not see that kind of entertainment often.

Yet, if you don’t expect too much from your representatives, it could be really fun watching them how they struggle to keep in power while on the same time they try to show you that they have done something for you while in guarded office – and perhaps something more for them you don’t need to know: Hidden treasures!

Politician are like children playing with toys which are far too dangerous for them and which they do not understand. The only thing is, they are not aware of it, even at their advanced age.

In fact, politicians are a kind of balance artists. They have to walk on a small string every day and that in heights you can’t even breath. One mistake and they fall down. Not only will kill the fall them right away but they will be eaten also by the hungry wolves waiting below, without exceptions. Note that most on the top fall down, earlier or later…!

But hey, we should not take that business to serious. In the good old days you could not rely on democracy, whatever that means today. There was always somewhere an almost naked bully who was swinging his club, and that was the message. No confusion, but a clear statement. No lie either.

Well, two million years ago the life seemed so much easier. But that view is an illusion like it is today for the highly organized homo sapiens, who might not meet ends. Then and there, you had to fight for your survival personally.

No representative, no lawyer.

But nowadays, how many can truly say they have the money to hire for help? Only the rich of course, with their kind of bullies of every color on their side.

Yet, surprisingly, the females had always the last words in the old days. Hidden. Until today. And for sure, a long way into the future. What a luck for the mankind and especially for the politician.

You don’t believe it? Watch your family what all these females are doing there and how they influence heavily anyone in there vicinity and beyond. Do you think a politician is listening to his mandate or his wife?

In my family are only females and I’m vastly outnumbered. And who is the captain? My very strong wife!


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