How to make the most beautiful Eyes! Your Recommendations, Please

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I’m in the process of writing a comprehensive ebook in English about how to make the most beautiful eyes with the right make-up and procedures and would like to know the number one tip you can give to me! Or a series of them.”

No published copies from someone else. And if you can add quality images (particular ones in series, I can use them too) that would be amazing. If you have or can make your own video(s) about the makeup procedure and you have never published (or will) any of them, that would be great as well.

In addition, you are also invited to promote any related products you like and think are very useful but only if you have the rights to do so. In addition, in that particular case, you must provide a series of how-to-do images who show how to use them to get the most beautiful eyes possible. The best ones will be added to the ebook, others may appear on the site at a later stage in separate article.

Your published information will be cited and credit given.

[youtube M4GVBkicnbU 325 244 autoplay=0 loop=1 ] Brighter & Larger Looking Eyes
Makeup Tutorial

The girl in the video is beautyful and actually don’t need any makeup, but it is interesting to see what kind of steps might be required to change the appearance of the eyes.

Regarding YOUR tips, of course, I need to have the full right forever to use those recommendations and/or images anywhere on my site, but don’t fear, I don’t misuse them. The copyright belongs always to you. Your age and your location worldwide is not important but written information must be in English. Don’t worry about typos, I correct them.

Very important is that I get quality material which are to be useful for so many here. Once the book is published you can download it for free, of course. I will publish it here on my site before others can see it.

Please send me your information using my contacts page, with your info titled “Beautiful Eyes Ebook” and where I can find either directly your beautiful eyes article or your download link(s)s to your eyes make-up images and videos.

Many thanks, Rainer


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