The missing Link – Where is it in our Evolution?

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“The missing link (popular term) is often understood as the unknown connection between non-life and life. But more exactly, it is called now ‘transitional fossils’ and defines the gaps between existing fossiled specimens. Some of these gaps are very wide, … Read More

Data Entry Jobs At Home – The Real Picture!

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“What Database Entry Work Actually Means?“ Recently, data entry jobs at home have become more and more discussed and advertised, which can make the whole story more confusing. Traditionally, those jobs were an entry level position. Not the greatest work, … Read More

Betelgeuse a Type II Supernova Soon?

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“It is said by some scientists that the only 10 million years old Betelgeuse star (or Alpha Orionis) will transform from a red supergiant into a supernova to a neutron star with only 20 km in diameter (and after that … Read More

To File USPTO Trademarks – How difficult is it?

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“USPTO Trademark Registration Outline” Filing a trademark the first time seems more complicated as it is, especially when done for the U.S. (USPTO), as you actually do not know what to expect in regards of paperwork and communications. Even when … Read More