Does Paid Shopping Actually Work?

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How a Mystery Shopper Can Earn Money at the Shopping Mall

Paid shopping is one of the newest trends for making easy money, but like everything else, it’s not always the dream come true it seems to be.

As a mystery shopper I do not necessarily spend all day shopping at the mall, decked out in the trendiest clothing, eating in the finest restaurants. While paid shopping is a legitimate work opportunity, getting paid to shop does not mean getting rich while living a lavish lifestyle.

Paid mystery shoppers are people who earn money by going into a store or other business and behaving as a real customer. Getting involved in paid shopping, I then write a report on the shop or the service provided, giving valuable feedback to the company.

I report on every aspect of their shopping experience, from the moment they enter the store to the quality of the clothing or other item purchased.

Getting paid shopping is a real possibility for me. Companies need the feedback provided by those who work in the field of paid shopping, and will reimburse any purchases and reward an amount of money per assignment.

Working paid shopping, I may earn from $10 to $50 with each shopping assignment. While the purchases are reimbursed, other expenses usually are not. If the Shopping Mall is far from my home and takes a lot of gas to get to, I may actually lose money on an assignment.

I can still buy clothing for free, but as far as how much money I earn? It really depends on the assignment and how many other expenses are involved.

On the whole, paid shopping does not actually pay very much, but it can be somewhat profitable, especially if the mystery shopper is talented at balancing assignments and minimizing costs.

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