Avoiding Online Job Scams

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Internet Jobs are Particularly Susceptible to Hacks and Scams

Anyone who has looked for a job online has probably dealt with the feelings of trepidation I was faced with about revealing personal information on the internet in order to avoid online job scams, and rightly so. Additionally, with a lack of personal contact, it was hard to know whether a faceless employer or client will rip me off. I had the bad experience to be a victim of online job scams.

Unfortunately, there is a little that can be done in such situation to recover my losses, whether they involve money or personal information. Cons on the internet can be extremely transparent at times, but at other times online job scams are hardly distinguishable from legitimate job offers.

If you’re looking to distribute your resume online and look seriously for employment, it is important to be careful to protect your personal information and be cautious in accepting jobs that seem suspicious. Online job scams come in many varieties, but there may be some common types.

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Online jobs that request me to send money anywhere either as part of my employment or before beginning work, is likely to be online job scams. I never agree to send money to anyone anymore, because most probably I won’t see that money again.

Jobs that promise a ridiculously high salary are not to be trust and probably also belong to the list of online job scams. Use common sense to judge how much the job is worth. Remember that in most jobs or careers the employee starts out making a lower salary than is possible with career development.

Common sense is important for me in trying to further my career through online employment. Yet thinking carefully about every move I make can help protect me and minimize the risk of online job scams in my search for online employment.

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