Megaspherulites – The Stone Balls Mystery I.

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Megalithic Stone Balls are not for Toddlers


Do you like balls? Not Footballs, Rugby balls or the cute Polo balls – but the astonishing stone balls (spheres and granite sculptures) who exists in any sizes you can imagine. Some polished, some not, but they are all over the world.

One of these places is in Bosnia, Europe (actually at various places there) where nobody has even a clue where these medieval or very late megalithic stone balls coming from and why they were made in the first place. They are at least 1300 years old and worldwide, many are even older. Perhaps some of my granddaddies made them, who knows.

Another place is in Scotland and one strangely far away in Costa Rica with around 300 balls weighting up to 16 tons. Don’t think I ever was there to collect them for my garden, really an oversight. Maybe I should go instead to Mexico (Ahualulco) as there is also a place to examine some giant ones, especially the famous “Las Piedras Bola”. A very big one in front of my house is always a sign of power!

[youtube gbMWp5ymbHg 325 244 autoplay=0 loop=1 ] Ancient Stone Balls In Bosnia, Europe

Like someone just left them after a heavy game, they are all first class tourist attraction. Maybe someone thought about that in the past when considering that these stone balls has been found now all over the world.

It is just as with the pyramids or the landmark line drawings in Peru’s Naska…they are here for us as a sign that they exist. That’s it. No need to follow theories nobody understands and can prove.

Sometimes I think just a star has fallen down with the curtsey to make his remains small and well rounded and with the intention to animate the primitive cultures around in order to emulate and enhance them or whatever a contemporary designer would came up those days. A normal rock would not inspire, right?

There are also about 420 carved stone balls worldwide which shows that some of our ancestors knew exactly what to do with them besides to make them just round. The oldest ones of them are about 3500 BC which is the late Neolithic or Bronze Age period, the time where stones were preferred as a means to build a house or other heavy and long lasting objects like Stonehenge.

Science believes, but inclusive, that some of the stone balls were just made by ordinary water while other believe they were 100% manmade using tools like hammer stones. Hammer stones??? Given the sizes, that would be even possible, although, a lot of work involved is that, just to feed a family. But then again, a lifetime job.

Whatever it is, the smaller once have a diameter of only a few centimeter while the king sized once have a diameter of three meters or above. Of course you could try to kick them to test the consistence of those strange objects in front of you, but you would rather hurt your toe than to make any dent in any of the stone balls. Granite is really hard stuff.

I would also think that such a behavior is not a very scientific method to learn more about them in the first place. I always put my ear next to them. Who knows, perhaps there is something inside?

More likely, it is possible however that they were used (not necessary made) for astronomical purposes and positioned or oriented in a related scientific manner. It makes sense for those with astro knowledge. I don’t have any so I let the discussion up to the experts. #

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