Megaspherulites – The Stone Balls Mystery II.

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Megalithic Stone Balls are from the Skies

PART II/II.  (Part I/II)

Given the size of our world, the actual number of ancient stone balls are not that many. The reason might be that they were also used in the past for military operations such as for catapults although that might be not so likely. But if so, as heavier and bigger, as better.

Of course producing them with tools you would throw out of the window once you see them does not help to get many Megaspherulites done. Luckily, not all stone balls  are made of granite or basalt, some just made out of sandstones and with this kind of stone it can be easily carved any kind of form out of it.

Much easier than in those good old days, today you can even buy stone balls precisely manufactured according your specifications in India or China for your pristine office buildings parking lot.

11 companies who make them are also in Japan (I discovered it just now) and many actually order those perfectly produced stone balls or spheres there as a gift; possibly for their cats or as something you can throw out of the window once in a while to cool down your mood..

Stone balls thus do create work, even now. Besides the new manufacturer, do also think about the “International Stonework Symposiums” held yearly or once in a while. Someone must keep all those stone lovers busy and help the travel industry.

Just wondering what the archaeology has to say in, say 2000 years, when they discover our current modern yet grandiose marble or granite balls under 20 meters of rubble. Monolithic balls or not, they are certainly nice to look at. And if you need another practical application, think about the unremovable but often polished stone ball in the mouth of an ancient Chinese stone dragon, right behind the strong teethes and half open mouth.

The problem is only you can’t move out the ball and if you are not carefully your hand will be trapped together with the ball. Perhaps that was the purpose there all along.

In any case, take a look what a one year old baby comes up with when it has a few pieces of toys into her hand. Nothing special, but from the point of the baby certainly something to build on for live. #

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