Homage to the Buddha – Prayer in Thailand (Translation)!

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“Thai Buddhism Prayer“ #26.11.2017–You can hear the Homage on special occasions or even daily in Buddhism temples, but as a foreigner you are unlikely to understand the meanings of the words. They are not only not in English, but they … Read More

Are we children of a Supernova?

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“This thought came lately into my mind when I watched “our sun” rising beautifully above the horizon.” #24.11.2017–Our G2 type sun has developed from a nuclear and cosmic cloud approximately 4.6 billion years ago and producing energy at a constant … Read More

The Circle of Life – Completed!

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“It was the day I forgot everything“ #23.11.2017–I forgot my powerful King, God and Master, the Pharaoh. I forgot my ever lovely wife with her black hairs and I forgot my 10 kids. I forgot my important work. I forgot … Read More

Top Acne Facts and Symptoms – Part 2/2

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“Acne facts are categorical that sebaceous glands of a face skin, a breast and a back develop superfluous quantity of fat therefore its congestion appears in channels of sebaceous glands and also in the hair follicles that leads to comedone … Read More

Top Acne Facts and Symptoms – Part 1/2

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Can Acne Be Just a Symptom of other Diseases? “Acne (Blemish, Zits, and Pimples) is one of the most widespread skin diseases, which appears like an inflammation of sebaceous glands of the face, breasts and back. Acne facts reveal that … Read More

Newsletter Opt-in Laws and Guide – USA, UK, EUROPE

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“Better know the laws“ #20.11.2017–After all the years when the CAN-SPAM Act was introduced, I can imagine that there are still confusions around what you can do and what not. Or better said, what you have to do to avoid … Read More

Ghost Town Cemetery – Eery!

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“Do you know what might be the experience of your lifetime? To visit an old cemetery at night. But carefully, that’s more than eery, that may kill your heartbeat.“ #19.11.2017–Most cemeteries are closed by night to prevent vandalism. Still, I … Read More

The Benefits of Part Time Data Entry Jobs

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“Finding Steady Data Entry Employment in a Slumping Economy” #18.11.2017–A lot of people have been laid off in the recent economic slowdown, usually for no reason related to their own performance at work. Finding jobs now can be harder than … Read More

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