Man Electrocuted while Stealing Hot Copper Wire – Dead

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To be a successful theft requires planning and knowledge. Stealing ‘hot’ copper wires might just gives you the ticket to the underworld…or the next level of existence. In any case, the current existence may just be forceful terminated.

These was on of those days. In can happen but nevertheless, it is a little bit unusual.

You are a renowned theft and have stolen goods probably various times – or you are a first time offender. But in any case it was fatal for at least one human who might have needed the copper to feed his family. (NO excuse to steel anything, of course).

Try to steal copper wire is not a big deal, besides eventually to find a way to cut and to carry the heavy stuff off the location. To work with wires is always hard work (and of course stealing them is punishable by law).

Yet stealing copper wire which is still under power can easily electrocute you. A slight oversight. No matter if you believe any wire is off power, such things needs to be checked every time.

Getting a lifetime fatal shock is not a fine feeling except for peoples who enjoy the big bang (nice visuals) that can and has many already propelled into visiting the amazing afterlife much earlier than anticipated. Nevertheless, it was a very, very ugly accident which has affected the remaining family for the whole live.

The accident has happened in Southern California, U.S.A. The victim was not alone, but his partner survived with heavy burns until now. The couple has also two small kids who have distantly waited for them in their truck, unharmed. The shock however for them going home without their parents is nearly unbearable.

Of course we do feel with the family, who does not? #

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